13 Quick Ways to Add the New 2015 Color to Your Home—Without Renovating | Diana Turner
Diana Turner

13 Quick Ways to Add the New 2015 Color to Your Home—Without Renovating


The 2015 “Color of the Year,” chosen by Pantone, is marsala—a subdued, creamy wine hue.  This versatile color can be matched with almost anything, and is perfect for freshening up your home’s interior.

If you’re still living in a home with the same colors you’ve had for the last 10 years, this is a great opportunity to revitalize your space—and bring it up-to-date.  In fact, you don’t even have to invest a lot of time or money to incorporate a new color into your home’s palette.

Here are 13 quick, inexpensive ways to introduce this year’s color to your décor—without undergoing a major home renovation.  Pick the 4 or 5 ideas that work best for you, then put them to work.

Throw pillows

Find 4-6 throw pillows that incorporate the new color into their pattern, and set them out on your couch or bed.


Hang a new pair of curtains in your bedroom or living space, using the new color.  


A throw blanket in a bright color can bring attention to the back or arm of a neutral couch or chair.


Why not get some inexpensive marsala-colored serving bowls, plates, or even eating utensils?  An easy way to brighten up dinnertime—or your next gathering.


Bright, bold towels in the kitchen or bathroom add a zing of color.


Adding colorful place settings to your dining room table introduces color—without making a permanent change.

Vases and bowls

Can introduce color to a fireplace, dining table, or end table, and add visual height at the same time.

Bathroom curtains

A single bathroom curtain that uses marsala in a pattern—or in a bold, solid color—can totally change the bathroom.  Pair it with inexpensive new bathroom rugs and towels, and you have a new space.

Wall art

Switch out 2-3 of your current wall art pieces in your family room, bathroom, hallways, staircases, or bedrooms to incorporate images (or even frames) with the new color.

Throw rug

Any room can use a throw rug, which can now be found in solids, stripes, patterns, unique shapes, and even elaborate artwork designs—in just about any color.  A good throw rug changes the entire “feel” of the room, and doesn’t cost a lot.


Have you ever considered painting just the doors in a new color?  Recoloring an interior or exterior door can liven up the view for family and guests.

One wall

If you’re really daring, and you enjoy painting, try painting one wall of a room in marsala.  Bring home color swatches to match first.

Bedspreads and sheets

Changing the colors of your bedspreads and sheets is a quick way to freshen up a bedroom—without investing a lot of time or money.  And the choices in stores and online are endless!

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